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Day #360 – Dashing Ducks

Trad: 1
Walked: 3.2 miles

Today is an auspicious day for Caz’s Little Quacker – a small blue rubber duck who is taking part in the HQ Duck Dash trackable race, which starts today. I found him in The Duck Pound II on Day #307. He wasn’t trackable then, but I have since found him a TB number of his own. I won’t be releasing him into the wild, but he will get dipped into each cache I find between now and 20th August when the race officially ends.

Little Quacker's First Find!
Little Quacker’s First Find!

LQ’s first find was an easy one close to home at Barnes Mill Lock, but in the next month we are visiting two Megas, new counties and lots of different cache types, so he is really looking forward to seeing all the places we will go on our adventures.