Day #369 – Mopping Up In Maldon

Trad: 2
Walked: 0.7 miles

A very lazy day today, partly due to being rather sore after falling off my scooter yesterday. But also because I had to sit at the computer and get stuff done.

By the evening I was wanting a trip out, to I headed over to Maldon to try and clear up the final couple of unfound caches there.

The first was a very quick find – finally – at a nemesis cache which I have already DNF’d TWICE! No idea why, since it was as plain as day when I arrived at GZ this time. C’est la vie.

LQ Has The Log
LQ Has The Log

Little Quacker was pleased to find the Really Side Tracked – Maldon West pot, after we had a short search. That’s it, Maldon is done! (Until someone brings out a new one, then we’ll be back).