Day #326 – Northaw Noodle

Trad: 5 Multi: 1 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 5.1 miles

I chose a different stretch of the Hertfordshire Way to tackle this evening, around Northaw Place. But first, I went to seek a couple of oldies from 2002 which were nearby. One was a quick find, The Barrel Makers Ramble.

Barrel Makers' Ramble
Barrel Makers’ Ramble

Where Four Corners Meet (Herts) was the next oldie. I was met with loads of vegetation and the tree stump didn’t reveal its secrets for ages. I gave it a good frisking but was about to give up…

In There Somewhere
In There Somewhere

… Then I tried a much less likely location and there it was, nestling in its camo bag. The box has recently been replaced, but other seekers after that haven’t been able to find it until I came along. Yay!

Replacement Found
Replacement Found

Then on to more Herts Way hides; some were in camo, like Mr Ratty here:

Ratty Woz 'Ere
Ratty Woz ‘Ere

And on the animal theme, this was the last find of the day, in an attractive Dolphin tin. I put my paws on it as the light was fading and the thunder began rumbling again in the distance. I didn’t want a repeat of Day #322 so I legged it back to the car, just as the heaviest spots of rain were beginning to fall.

Diving Dolphins
Diving Dolphins

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