Day #290 – Not Stumped

Puzzle: 1
Walked: 0.6 miles

I’ve been chipping away at the final trio of unsolved Mr Mercator caches over the past few weeks. Mercator’s Projection no.12 The Disciples’ Clock c had been eluding my understanding for a while, but I’d had some email correspondence with another local puzzler, and eventually we got some plausible numbers. He found it a few days ago, and today I thought I would make it my target.

Not Stumped Any More!
Not Stumped Any More!

The hint was stump, and I was delighted to find said stump in the general locality of my co-ordinates. I find Mr Mercator’s caches can have a margin of error rather further away than I would normally like, but Rob is usually generous with his hints, and so I was very chuffed to have found the correct place today, once the rain had stopped. Now I need to work on 12b and No. 8 – the last two which are still bugging me!