Day #256 – Round & Round No More!

Trad: 1 Puzzle: 1
Walked: 1.1 miles

You know how some puzzles have you going round and round in circles for ages, before the penny finally drops? Well that’s how Mercator’s Projection No. 10 – Round And Round has been! Mr Mercator does like to keep us puzzle solvers on our toes…

I finally got the co-ords for this one sorted out a couple of days ago, and have been saving it for a nearby (ish) cache of the day. Today was it!

Round And Round No More!
Round And Round No More!

As I was vaguely in the right area, I also stopped off in Purleigh to pick up Stumped #47 by LeatheronWillow,  part of the series hidden around various cricket pitches. That one had me going round and round too, for a few minutes, but eventually I spotted the little blighter! Now home to get some work done before the rain comes.