Day #250 – Challenge Accepted!

Trad: 6 Challenge: 18
Walked: 10.6 miles

Alistair is not a great fan of challenge caches and tends to ignore them, so I hadn’t made much effort to find them when out caching in his company during my stay. But he had to go to work today, and I was on my way home, so I made the effort to pick up as many Challenges as I could in the North East, which I had already qualified for.

I managed 18 in total, across various locations, so was pleased with my haul for the day. The Church Micro Jasmer Challenge was near an imposing looking church near Sedgefield.

Church Micro - Jasmer Challenge
Church Micro – Jasmer Challenge

The longest circuit of the day was the DCT series near Wynyard. I had qualified for about 12 of the 16 on the route so thought it was worth my while stopping off to find them. I’m not sure why I didn’t think locations around a Wind Farm wouldn’t be windy – but it was blowing a gale for the most part!

DCT Challenge Circuit
DCT Challenge Circuit

I finally finished my searches around 4:30pm and then began the long drive home south. But the roads behaved and I arrived in good time, tired but satisfied with the day’s 24 finds, and a fitting way to spend Day #250 of my geostreak.