Day #232 – Sherlock 6

Multi: 1
Walked: 6.4 miles

I’ve been slowly collecting the old “virtual” multi caches in rodz’s Sherlock series. Today’s target was a visit after work to the last one, Sherlock 6 – Elementary, my dear Watson! which, rather appropriately, is at 221B Baker Street.

The Man Himself
The Man Himself, Euston Road

I’ve been carrying round a Canadian geocoin for a few weeks whose mission was to visit this very cache. It’s taken nearly 6 years and over 13,216 miles to do it, but I was delighted to be able to take dip it in the cache today! I wonder what its mission will be now?

At GZ With A Geocoin
At GZ With A Geocoin

I gathered the info I needed easily enough, the final piece in the Sherlock puzzle, but the hunt for the actual booty will have to wait for another evening.

At GZ With A Geocoin
At GZ With A Geocoin

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