Day #227 – Cache And Hash

Multi: 1
Walked: 1.9 miles

High Easter, VS560
High Easter, VS560

Well I had intended to do the High Easter Village Sign multi as a cache and dash as the weather was so iffy today. But instead I made it more of a cache and hash…

Having done the caclulations and plugged the numbers into my GPS I got a convincing GZ quite a bit away from the sign, but set off for it on foot. On arrival at my co-ords I found things which matched the hint but were at least 50ft from my “GZ”. Re-checked the numbers and discovered that I had plugged in E0° 20… for the Eastings instead of E0° 21… Argh! So, I had to trudge back to the car and drive to the new location instead. What a numpty!