Day #181 – Purfleet & Pitsea Potter

Trad: 9 Multi: 1
Walked: 4.2 miles

I decided to kill two birds with one stone today – I needed to visit Purfleet to find the SideTracked cache and also pick up a Church Micro somewhere along the way, both helping me towards Challenge cache qualifications.

My first stop was Purfleet where I managed to find three caches in the end, including the SideTracked hide. Knights Of The Round Table, was at a very curious spot!

Table For Two?
Table For Two?

On to Pitsea, where St Gabriel’s Church has a new CM by Cettis12. This was an easy find. The church is a modern design, quite pleasant in its own way.

St. Gabriel's, Pitsea
St. Gabriel’s, Pitsea

I noticed that In Memoriam, Pitsea War Memorial by Grimmer Scotting was also close by. Since I’m on a long term mission to find more multis (again with the aim of Challenge Cache qualification), I thought I would give it a go. The memorial looked lovely in the contre jour lighting this morning. I found the numbers quickly and the cache was also a swift locate once in the right place.

Lest We Forget
Lest We Forget

I had allowed myself the morning to “play”, and since there was still some time left, I did a few more drive bys and cache & dash in east Basildon as I worked my way home.

I was going to look for another of Cettis12’s new Church Micros but as I approached I saw a guy loitering around outside the church, trying to give out leaflets about Jesus to anyone who would take them. Having politely declined, I was told “God loves you” and I made a swift exit. Frustrating, as I could easily see the bison tube in its hiding place, but feared trying to retrieve it would attract too much attention from the zealot… So I decided to leave it for another day.