Day #164 – Westminster Walk

Trad: 1 Multi: 2 Earth: 1
Walked: 4.1 miles

I had a late start at Millbank today, so I was able to find three caches before work. They were all quickly located, which is unusual for me as I do find urban caching problematic at times. I started off with a trad, Jeremy Bentham, which was just a stone’s throw from St. James’s Park tube, as was the next hide, the SideTracked EarthCache for the station.

SideTracked St. James's Park EarthCache
SideTracked St. James’s Park EarthCache

Another very quick find nearby was a second multi based around finding info from a mosaic mural in a side street. The final hide was a nano which I managed to put my hand on almost immediately!

Then it was time for work… But I did manage to pop out again at lunchtime for a wander around the wet streets of London, to finally pick up Church Micro 4000 – Westminster Abbey. So all in all a good haul for today.

London Street After Rain
London Street After Rain