Day #123 – A Virtual Rainbow

Trad: 1 Multi: 1 Virtual: 4
Walked: 10.6 miles

26th November 2015
26th November 2015

I went to London for an evening event today (which turned out to be cancelled at the last minute!) but took the opportunity to go up a bit earlier and polish off the vintage London Rainbow Virtual Series, which consists of 7 virtual hides from which you collect clues, and one actual multi at the end.

Violet - Abbey Road Studios
Violet – Abbey Road Studios

I had visited three of the 7 virtuals on previous visits. Today I headed for Blue (around St James’s Park, Orange (close to Sloane Square), Violet (at the famous Abbey Road studios) and finally Yellow (Camden Lock Markets), Needless to say, I took the tube between sites, but still managed to clock up over 10 miles on foot!

Yellow - Camden Lock Market
Yellow – Camden Lock Market

Having computed the numbers for the final hide, I initially decided I didn’t have time to go and find it before my event. But once I arrived at the venue to find it wasn’t on any more, I thought “what the hell, might as well” and jumped back on the tube towards Hyde Park to search out the last part.

I’m usually appallingly bad a night caching, but thanks to a very specific hint, I managed to put my hand on the magnetic micro pot within seconds. Hurrah! A grand day out.