Day #64 – Perplexity Potter

Trad: 2 Puzzle: 8
Walked: 5.5 miles

28th September 2015
28th September 2015
All The ?'s Are Smiling :-)
All The ?’s Are Smiling 🙂

Back on Day #34 I had hoped to find a series of solved puzzles in St. Albans by mjcross, which I had been working on for several weeks, but we ran out of time. Alistair needed a ride back to his parents’ to pick up his car today, so we decided to look for them during the afternoon.

And besides, the CO had spent such a long time carefully plotting a big, fat question mark on the map, that I just had to turn it into smileys as soon as possible! 🙂

Harrowing The Fields
Harrowing The Fields

Thankfully, the hides themselves were much more straightforward than the puzzles to solve the co-ords! Out of the 8 Perplexity puzzles, I solved six myself and had help with one from Alistair and one from my Dad. Very satisfying to have ticked them off the list. We also picked up a couple of trads in the area while we were there.

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