Day #63 – Fun In The Forest

Trad: 18 Puzzle: 1
Walked: 6.6 miles

27th September 2015
27th September 2015
Run Around - Locked Out
Run Around – Locked Out

During Mega Week, I had heard great things about the caches in Hatfield Forest by Run Around, but sadly hadn’t had the time to look for them then. So I decided this would be a good place to go with Alistair for today’s caching expedition.

We weren’t disappointed! As well as the usual hides in trees by other cachers, Run Around’s series was inventive and very well put together. We had to work hard to extract the logs at each cache and the feeling of satisfaction when we succeeded was great! Each one was a little different and thankfully we managed to crack them all.

Alistair Breaks The Code
Alistair Breaks The Code
Run Around's Combination
Run Around’s Combination

We also found a few caches along the Flitch Way nearby, including Start Hill Sums which I had solved over breakfast this morning.

The planes coming in to land at Stansted flew right over us as we searched for the cache – we got a bit distracted watching them but found it in the end!

Planes At Dusk
Planes At Dusk

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