Day #53 – Fizzy & Firsts

Trad: 5 Challenge: 1 Whereigo: 1
Walked: 12.3 miles

17th September 2015
17th September 2015

I was back in London again today for a geek event in the evening. I travelled up to town during the afternoon and found a few more caches on my own – including The Devil’s Own Challenge Cache in Bloomsbury. It’s a Fizzy Challenge – you can only sign the log once you have found caches on all 366 days of the calendar. Since I qualified for this in November 2014, I thought I would stop by and find the pot today.

Fizzy Grid - Finds On 366 Days Of The Year
Fizzy Grid – Finds On 366 Days Of The Year

One of my friends from Leeds was a speaker for the evening event and I met up with him at King’s Cross mid-afternoon. He’s a not really a muggle since he knows about caching but is not in the habit of finding anything much himself. However, I persuaded him to walk around King’s Cross and St. Pancras with me to complete my first Whereigo cache – Side Tracked King’s Cross.

St. Pancras Concourse
St. Pancras Concourse

The final GZ wasn’t quite a salubrious as the initial stages, but still fun to tick off another cache type on the list.

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